Coming from the field of the applied arts, where there is a constant interplay among the human body, the objects and the physical space, I have learned to combine the practical use and comfort in the everyday living with the aesthetic pleasure. Hence, the dialogue between visual and applied arts is a central element in my work as an artist.

I am triggered by the numerous possibilities that materials offer, which could be combined in ways that will give us different interpretations for one theme. As McLuhan’s famous statement “the medium is the message”, materials are not just means of expression because they actually carry and elucidate the concept of each work. Therefore, my art pieces explore the dynamics of various materials by mixing 2D images with 3D structures.

The way I work is based on the physical action that takes place during the creative process, where plexiglass and stainless steel become the origin of experimentation. The jumble of colors along with the artificial lighting shift between the creation of a warm and a cool atmosphere, while the rough and smooth textures as well as the straight and curvy lines allude to the amalgamation of male and female traits.

Despite the absence of a human figure, man’s presence is discretely implied through his absence from the landscapes and also from the depiction of images that surround us in the private and the public space. I often use a camera to record and frieze small fragments of life, in order to research a new subject matter but also to unveil the supplementary dualities of our world; the real and the imaginary state, male and female elements, Eastern and Western culture, 2D images and 3D structures, warm and cool colors and so forth. These binary poles have always been my source of inspiration since they shed light into the changeable rhythm of life. Over the years, I have focused on various subject matters such as: the environment and the urgency to protect it, historical personalities from all over the world that have left their imprint on our universal cultural heritage, the ancient Greek myths referring to the lives and adventures of gods, semi-gods and mortals… However, no matter what story lies behind my images, be it Queen Elizabeth and contemporary England, be it Alexander the Great and his beloved horse Bucephalus or the tragic life of Édith Piaf, my intention is to highlight through my work the symbolic character detected in them that stays unaltered through the ages.