22 May 2023

Group exhibition
Parnassos Literary Society
Athens Greece

5 April 2023

The Owl
Solo project-installation
Numismatic museum
Athens Greece

27 January 2023

Solo project
for the 100years of the birth
of Maria Kallas
Athens Concert Hall

12 December 2022

Outside my Window III
Solo exhibition
& speech for the children abuse
Anavissos Greece

26 November 2022

The Horses II
Solo exhibition
& consert of Musica del
Cuore ensemble
Municipal building
Saronikos Greece

22 November 2022

Poster design for the
Equal rights event
Municipal building
Saronikos Greece

31 October 2022

The Bats
Happening/Video projection
on the occasion of Halloween
Municipal building
Saronikos Greece

28 October 2022

The horses
of Pindos mountain
Municipal building
Saronikos Greece

28 April 2022

Her Majesty the Queen
Elizabeth II
Site-specific installation
presented by
MB Capital properties Ltd. U.K.
at the Buckingham Palace
This piece of art belongs to
Tate Modern Collection since 26/5/2022
London United Kingdom